About the Lancaster City Bureau of Police


On behalf of the personnel from the Lancaster Bureau of Police, I welcome you to our agency.  The Lancaster community has had a law enforcement presence dating back to 1742 when it was incorporated as a borough.  Lancaster became a city in 1818 and was divided into four wards with a constable in each ward charged with keeping the peace.  In 1865 the Bureau of Police began as a department consisting of a chief of police and 21 “Night Policemen”.  Since 1865 many men and women have proudly served the city of Lancaster.  Our officers and civilian support staff are dedicated to serving the diverse population of the city. 

The mission of the Bureau is to provide outstanding service with professionalism and integrity.  The Bureau’s motto is Duty, Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  Our employees proudly display these commitments in the work that they do for our Lancaster community. 

Our department continues to build lasting partnerships within the community.  We are proud community partners with several community organizations, groups and initiatives.  The Bureau continues to use a community based policing model and intelligence led policing to serve the residents and visitors of the city.  Officers are involved in several community engagement strategies; the Police Athletic League that serves more than 300 children in the city, Coffee with a Cop, Toys for Tots, Shop with a Cop, community/neighborhood meetings, National Night Out, the Citizen’s Police Academy, and the Cadet Program to name a few.   

Historically the city has been divided into four quadrants; Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest, with Penn Square being the center of the four quadrants.  The Bureau has further divided the city into eight geographical patrol sectors and assigned patrol officers to these specific sectors.  The Downtown Investment District, commonly referred to as the D.I.D. is also a separate patrol sector which is overlapped by the other sectors.  The police officers assigned to these sectors can be contacted via email through our website or by voicemail.  If you email the sector officers supervisors assigned to each of the quadrants also receive the email.    

Our overall success in crime prevention and crime solving abilities is founded in the confidence, trust and support we receive from the community.  We as police officers cannot and are not the only people concerned about the safety and well-being of our community.  We rely on everyone who lives and works in the community to help us improve the quality of life for everyone and make Lancaster a safer and better city!  

Join our team and help us make Lancaster an even better city than it already is!

Jarrad Berkihiser
Chief of Police