Captain Brian Wiczkowski

Captain Patrol Division
Lancaster Bureau of Police

Captain Brian Wiczkowski began his career in May 1990. He was assigned as a patrol officer until 1992, when he was transferred into the newly formed Community Policing Unit. Along with 5 other officers, Brian was assigned as a bicycle patrol officer to a 10-block area in the southeast section of the City. In 1993, he was re-assigned to expand the City’s Community Policing efforts to the southwest part of the City. In 1995, Brian was transferred to the Juvenile Offender Section of the Criminal Investigative Division. In 1996, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant and was assigned as a street sergeant in the Patrol Division. In 1999, he was placed in charge of the newly formed Neighborhood Policing Initiative where he oversaw day-to-day operations of the more than 20 officers assigned to the Unit. In 2001, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and placed in command of Platoon C. In April 2008, Brian was re-assigned as the Administrative Lieutenant. In May of 2008, Brian was appointed to the rank of Captain and assigned to command the Patrol Division.

During his time in the Patrol Division, Captain Wiczkowski was certified through the International Mountain Bicycle Association as a bicyclist instructor and instructed more than 200 officers in several states in bicycle patrol procedures. In addition to that, Captain Wiczkowski served the Department as an ASP baton instructor. He also served on the Department’s Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) as an officer and a sergeant and was on the Department’s Bicycle Rapid Response Team.

Captain Wiczkowski was born in Bethlehem, PA and played sports growing up. In 1985 he graduated from Liberty High School, where he played high school baseball. Brian went on to Millersville University (where he also played baseball) and in 1989 graduated with a BS degree in Secondary Education (Social Studies). He received his teaching certification and substituted for a few months prior to being hired by the Bureau of Police in 1990. Brian is happily married with 2 great kids. He enjoys spending time with his family, weightlifting and playing sports. He has coached Little League and High School baseball and has coached in the El Coqui league.

Captain Wiczkowski has received several awards and commendations and letters of appreciation from the community. He is proud to be a member of the Lancaster City Police Department and is committed to professionalism and serving the residents and visitors of this City.