Vendor / Business Permits

Vendor & Peddler Permits

The City of Lancaster requires permits for a limited number of commercial or business activities conducted in the City. Specifically, the City requires a permit for resellers (antique dealers, salvage dealers, junk or second-hand dealers, pawnbrokers), for door-to-door sales, and for transient merchants. 

Second Hand-Buy & Sell/Pawnbrokers/Antique Dealers/Junk & Salvage Dealers or anyone who purchases items from the public for resale is required to have a permit through the City. Completed and notarized permit applications along with the completed packet and background checks must be submitted to the Bureau of Police with a permit fee of $75 for Pawnbroker’s & Junk Dealer/Recycling Centers. The Antique/Secondhand dealer’s permit fee is $25. All permits in this classification expire on March 31st of each year, regardless of when the permit was issued.   

Peddler permits are required by anyone soliciting door-to-door. This permit does NOT allow street vending. A current criminal background check, along with a completed and notarized application must be submitted to the Bureau of Police. The permit fee is $75, and permits are valid for six months from the date issued. Door-to-door vendor permits are NOT renewable, but applicants can reapply after the expiration date.

Transient Merchant permits are required for any person selling from privately owned property, with the intent of not remaining over 100 consecutive days. A current criminal background check, a completed and notarized application, and a sketch of the property that indicates the location of the sales stand must be submitted to the Bureau of Police. The permit fee is $75 per month or part thereof, and expires no more than 100 days from the date it is issued. 

Business Registration Program

The Lancaster City Council passed legislation in December requiring all businesses with locations in the City to complete a Business Registration Form. Please click on the Business Registration Form link below to complete the form. Any questions regarding business registration, please contact Marisol Torres @ (717) 291-4708.


Second Hand/Buy & Sell – $25

Antique Dealers - $25

Junk & Salvage Dealers - $75

Pawnbrokers - $75

Peddler - $75

Transient Merchant - $75

The below forms are available to assist you with the license application process:
  1. Vendor Permits Checklist
  2. PA Child Abuse History Clearance
  3. Vendor License Application
  4. PA State Police Criminal Record Check
  5. Fingerprint Cover Letter
  6. Business Registration Form