7.16.12 Contest / Fundraiser for Safety Coalition

16 July 2012 by Lt. Todd Umstead

From Mayor Gray and District Attorney Stedman:

LCSC Mission Statement:  We enhance Lancaster’s community safety.

Dear Neighbors,

 As Honorary Co-Chairs of the Lancaster Community Safety Coalition’s “Safe Streets Campaign,” we’re contacting you today to invite you and your neighbors to participate in a friendly competition being held on August 7th as part of this year’s National Night Out. 

For more than a decade, the Safety Coalition has operated as a private, non-profit agency with only a portion of its funding provided by city government and the County District Attorney.  More than ever, the Coalition must rely on community support to provide services that keep our neighborhoods safe with:

  • 158 safety cameras throughout Lancaster City that operate 24/7.
  • Safety Coalition videos that result in an average of 15 arrests per month.
  • Support for law enforcement.  In 2011, the Safety Coalition assisted the police or DA’s office 1,400 times.
  • Quick response by police.  By the end of today, a Safety Camera Operator will have called 911 to report a crime in progress.

We need your support to help keep the Coalition going!

This year, we hope you’ll celebrate National Night Out and, at the same time, help raise money for the Lancaster Community Safety Coalition’s “Safe Streets Campaign.”  To reward your efforts, the neighborhood or block group that raises the  most amount over $250 to support the Safety Coalition will receive a free night at Clipper Stadium for the August 20th Barnstormer’s game, courtesy of our friends at Clipper Stadium. 

Included with this letter is an application for participation in National Night Out.  We’ve also included some fund-raising tips that, we hope, will inspire you to join in the fun.   So don’t wait.  Return the enclosed permit application today or, for more information, contact the City’s Special Events office at 291-4758.

Thanks in advance for your support of the Lancaster Community Safety Coalition!


     J. Richard Gray                                           Craig Stedman

    Mayor, City of Lancaster                                 Lancaster County District Attorney

                         Honorary Co-Chairs, Safe Streets Campaign