Det Weiser Honored by Human Relations Commission

16 June 2009

Detective David L. Weiser Jr. was recently recognized by the Lancaster County Human Relations Commission for his work in the community. Det. Weiser was honored at the Human Relations Commission banquet held June 5, 2009 at Lancaster Regional Hospital. Captain Brian Wiczkowski presented the award.

Detective Weiser has been employed by the Lancaster Bureau of Police since September of 1997. He was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division in the summer of 2002 and was appointed to the rank of Detective in February of 2007. He has been assigned to the Property Crimes Unit where he is responsible for the investigation of cases involving a wide verity of crimes, including burglary, theft, criminal mischief, complex fraud cases, identity theft, and arson.

Detective Weiser is highly proficient in completing search warrants. Search warrants are a very important aspect in a complex investigation and Detective Weiser is called upon to complete this task in our most serious investigations.

In addition, Detective Weiser is a trained Polygraph Examiner and performs polygraph examinations, not only for his investigations, but also for many other detective’s cases, to include homicide investigations. He is also AFIS certified. This means he is able to compare fingerprint evidence with comparison fingerprints and testify to such in court.

Detective Weiser‘s commitment to the community extends to his off duty activities as well. In February of 2004 he had an unfortunate motorcycle accident that resulted in partial paralysis. Detective Weiser did not let that discourage him from continuing to perform all the duties that he did prior to this accident. In fact, he has allowed this life-changing event to be used to help others. Over the past 4 years Detective Weiser has been counseling patients who have sustained paralysis injuries, at local hospitals, as well as Hershey Medical Center and Mghee Rehab in Philadelphia. He has spoken to many patients over this 4-year period, some of whom were involved in incidents that the bureau was investigating.

Detective Weiser also recently applied to work as a volunteer at a local hospital in the Emergency Room, in which he will be working about one day a week helping out with patients and also doing similar counseling. He has also assisted other patients over the phone and put them in contact with resources and people who could assist them. His strong faith and positive attitude is a constant example to everyone he has contact with.