Lancaster City Officers and Civilians Honored with Commendations

24 October 2012 by SGT Timothy Frey

      On Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012, 27 Lancaster City police officers, one non-sworn employee and a volunteer were honored during a department commendation ceremony. The event was held at the Millersville University Ware Center located on North Prince Street and was attended by family, friends and co-workers. Refreshments were provided by the Prince Street Cafe. Commendations were awarded to the following:


     May 27, 2012 at 0200 hrs. Officers were in the area of a bar closing and were informed of a fight involving a gun.  A description of a male with a gun was given and additional units were advised.  Responding officers exited their vehicles and approached a crowd of 20-30 people.  The described suspect was commanded to get down on the ground, but took off on foot.  As the officers gave chase, the suspect removed a gun from his waistband and pointed it at the officers.  One of the officers fired a single shot as another officer used his Taser.  The male fell and discarded his gun in a storm grate and continued to flee.  After a struggle the suspect was subdued and a convicted felon was charged with Felon Not to Possess Firearms and he and a handgun were removed from our streets.  The officers’ actions are commendable and reflect positively on the Lancaster Bureau of Police.

(l-r) Officer Glenn Stoltzfus, Officer anthony Weaver, Officer Christopher McCormick and Officer Christopher Genetti (missing from the photo is Officer David Rachor)


     June 9, 2012 at 0040 hrs. while Sergeant McLoughlin and Officer Griffin was working a SOG detail, officers responded to a call for a stabbing that had just occurred.  Upon hearing the description and direction of travel of the suspect Sergeant McLoughlin and Officer Griffin proceeded to the area in an attempt to locate the suspect.  While en route a suspect matching the description was observed at 0043 hours walking at a normal pace while wiping his face.  His right hand appeared to have blood on it.  At this point he was stopped and additional officers responded to assist.  Blood droplets were found on his face and hands and a small laceration was found on his right palm.  Witnesses later made a positive identification of the suspect.  He was charged with attempted homicide as a result of keen observation and quick response by Sergeant McLoughlin and Officer Griffin.

Officer Klete Griffin (missing from photo is Sergeant Edward McLoughlin)


     August 28, 2012 Officer Reich noted a trend in his sector.  Suspect(s) were striking at night and using forced entry into vehicles.  He requested, and was given permission, to patrol his area in an unmarked vehicle.  Less than two hours later he observed a subject in a vehicle which had a window broken out.  Officer Reich exited his vehicle to investigate and the subject exited the vehicle and fled, while tossing items to the ground.  The suspect was chased and stopped a half block away and the tossed items were determined to be loot from the vehicle.  Officer Reich did a great job of recognizing a trend, acting on it, and due to his police abilities was able to catch a theft from vehicle suspect in the act.  His fellow officers realize how difficult this is and acknowledged the great job Officer Reich did.

Officer Steven Reich



     June 4, 2012 at approximately 1727 hrs. These officers worked a “Buy/Walk” Drug Detail in the area of W. King and S. Water Streets.  During the course of the detail Anthony J. White was observed sitting in a vehicle near the intersection.  As officers approached White, he moved in such a manner as if to place an object under the passenger seat.  A search of the vehicle revealed a loaded Beretta 9MM pistol that was reported stolen in a burglary by another jurisdiction and a quantity of cocaine and heroin in the immediate area of where White was seated.  As a result of teamwork officers removed a firearm and a convicted felon from our streets.  These officers are to be commended for their actions and are a credit to the Lancaster City Bureau of Police.

(l-r) Officer Carlos Luciano, Officer Andrew Mease, Officer Thomas Ginder, Officer Jonathan Caple, Detective Manuel Luciano, Officer Richard Beighley II, Detective Michael Gerace (missing from photo is Officer Robert Whiteford)


     On May 21, 2012 Off. Boas observed two gang members loitering on private property.  These two individuals had attended a preliminary hearing for a fellow Blood gang member earlier in the day.  Aware of the subjects’ ties to firearms Off. Boas drove away and called for backup.  When the officers attempted to stop the subjects, they fled but were soon stopped.  One subject was arrested on a bench warrant and the other was found in possession of a handgun for which he did not have a permit, nor could lawfully possess.  Because of attention to detail and sound building of reasoning for an investigatory detention, two criminals were removed from the streets, as was another illegal firearm.

Officer James Boas



     April 6, 2012 at 0434 hrs. Officer Hockley responded to a disturbance in progress call.  He observed two men arguing and one had a handgun that he placed on the ground and walked away when he saw Officer Hockley approaching.  The second man picked up the handgun and pointed it at the back of the other man.  Believing that he was about to shoot, Officer Hockley fired nine shots in an attempt to stop the individual from shooting.  The individual ran a short distance and dropped the handgun on the sidewalk.  Officer Hockley used sound tactics in his response and was able to recognize the handgun and the threat posed.  As a result of his tactical approach, quick thinking and appropriate response, a serious assault or homicide was prevented.  An illegal handgun was also removed from our streets. Officer Hockley’s actions are worthy of commendation and reflect positively on the Lancaster Bureau of Police.

Officer Ryan Hockley



     July 14, 2012 a hit and run accident occurred in the 400 block of N. Prince St.  A juvenile bicyclist was struck and seriously injured.  The driver fled, but an officer was able to transmit a description of the vehicle.  While on a normal service unit patrol, Community Service Aide Austin Krause observed a vehicle with a smashed front windshield matching the description of the fleeing vehicle.  As he drove around the block in an attempt to get the vehicle’s registration plate number, he broadcast the vehicle’s location.  Officers located the suspect and during the interview he confessed. Two felonies and one summary charge were filed as a result of CSA Krause’ observation.  Most likely this crime would have required a lengthy investigation to solve if CSA Krause had not spotted the vehicle shortly after the accident. (Photo not available.)


     April 7, 2012 Officers were summoned to the residence of a male subject suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder experiencing a major episode and brandishing a large butcher knife.  Immediate steps were taken to develop a rapport with the subject who was under the delusion of a combat situation. Negotiations failed and an entry plan was put into place.  The subject was subdued by use of a bean bag deployment, followed by immediate breaching of the front door.  Because of the coordinated movements of the officers involved, the subject was safely taken into custody with minimum injury.  All officers worked in conjunction to safely disarm the subject who was a danger to himself, his family and the nearby public. 

(l-r) Officer Todd Grager, Officer J. Hatfield, Officer Michael Dean, Officer Todd Dickenson, Officer Paul Blanchflower, Sergeant Jason Ziegler, Officer Klete Griffin (missing from photo is Officer Adam Dommel and Officer Justin Miller)



     Soon after moving into our present building the idea of a program of volunteers to provide value added support to officers so they could perform their real jobs, law enforcement, was fostered.  This idea was based on a federal program, Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS).  An ad was run in the local newspaper inviting interested people to attend an informational meeting.  Over 100 citizens responded to the call.  June was one of those who attended.  It was soon apparent that with the overwhelming response, the management of the program would be an additional, time consuming responsibility added to an administrator’s workload. June was a recently retired Registered Nurse with extensive management skills who volunteered to coordinate the program.  Many man hours have been donated by the volunteers who have saved the city taxpayers over $17,000.  From 2004 to September 2012 June has volunteered 2,364 hours and under her leadership the program continues to thrive.  June is to be commended for her valuable and unselfish service to the Lancaster Bureau of Police.  

Ms. June Hironimous