2.12.15 Additional Info Re: Pursuit, Police Involved Shooting

12 February 2015 by Todd Umstead

The driver of the Chevrolet Impala involved in yesterday’s pursuit is:

Kenneth L. White 37-year-old male

100 blk. Old Dorwart St., Lancaster PA

White is being charged with Aggravated Assault (three counts), Recklessly Endangering Another Person (2 counts), and Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Police by Det. Lt. Michael Winters before MDJ Bruce Roth.

White remains hospitalized and will be arraigned at a later time.

Some additional details that have been learned as part of this ongoing investigation, that were not included in yesterday’s initial news release:

    It was determined that prior to police intervention, witnesses saw the Chevy Impala driving erratically in the area of the bus station in the 200 blk. N. Queen St. The Impala drove over the curb onto the sidewalk and nearly struck two pedestrians. Witnesses also stated that the driver (later identified as Kenneth White) then parked, exited the vehicle and entered the Wine & Spirits store in the 200 blk. of N. Queen St. Witnesses stated that he had a staggered gait and appeared to be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

   After leaving the store, White pulled out onto Queen St, driving at and nearly striking a bicycle officer while traveling north on Queen St, and then turned west on Lemon St. During the early stages of the pursuit, White’s vehicle struck an occupied vehicle near the intersection of Prince St. and Lemon St. White then proceeded west on Lemon St. and stopped his vehicle briefly at the intersection of N. Mulberry St. At this time, pursuing officers exited their police vehicle and approached White’s vehicle on foot. One of the officers attempted to open the front passenger door of White’s vehicle. White accelerated rapidly, nearly striking the officer and forcing the officer to take evasive action.

White’s vehicle continued west, failing to stop at several red traffic lights. White’s vehicle nearly struck a school bus after White failed to stop for a stop sign at Buchanan Ave. and President Ave. White also struck a vehicle at President’s Ave. and Columbia Ave., and struck another vehicle in the 400 blk. of Manor St.

After White’s vehicle crashed at Manor St. and Campbell Ave., he drove in reverse in an attempt to run over a police officer who was standing behind the Impala, forcing the officer to take evasive action. Despite numerous commands to stop, White then drove forward again, causing officers to fear for their safety. An officer then fired two shots into the passenger compartment of the vehicle. One of these shots passed through the driver’s side door and struck White in the right upper leg.

The criteria for the charges against White are explained below:

Aggravated Assault, three counts, for attempting to cause serious bodily injury by intentionally driving his car towards three uniformed police officers:

  1. The bicycle officer in the 200 blk. N. Queen St.
  2. The officer on foot at Mulberry and Lemon
  3. The officer on foot at Manor and Campbell.  

Recklessly Endangering another Person, two counts, for nearly striking the two pedestrians in the 200 blk. N. Queen St.

Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Police, for failing to stop and fleeing from a police vehicle with lights and siren activated.

The defendant committing numerous traffic violations during the course of the pursuit, to include DUI, driving at unsafe speeds, stop sign violations, red light violations, as well as striking several vehicles and fleeing the scenes of the accidents, including several vehicles which were occupied at the time of the accidents. The Lancaster City Police are working to identify the drivers and owners of the vehicles struck by the defendant during his attempt to flee and additional traffic and criminal charges are expected upon the completion of that aspect of the investigation.