7.01.13 Invasion of Privacy - Park City

1 July 2013 by Captain Kent Switzer

At about 4:15 pm, May 29, 2013 Lancaster City Police were dispatched to JC Penney’s Store, Park City Center, for a report of an invasion of privacy that occurred inside one of the fitting rooms. An officer responded and interviewed the victim, a 32-year-old Lancaster County woman. 

     The victim reported that while she was located inside a fitting room trying on clothing she observed a recording device above the wall of the fitting room. The victim reported the device appeared to be recording her as she changed clothing. Upon seeing the device the victim exited the fitting room, pounded on the adjacent fitting room door and ordered the subject inside to exit. A male exited the fitting room, spoke to her and walked into the store away from her. As she pointed to the suspect, the victim began to yell that he had been recording her inside of the fitting room. The male then took flight, began to run through the store and eventually out of Park City Center.

     The male is currently unknown to police. Police are requesting assistance in identifying the male depicted in the photographs below. The investigation into the invasion of privacy is continuing and anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Aaron Harnish of the Lancaster City Police directly at 717-735-3350 or harnisha@police.co.lancaster.pa.us.  Callers do not have to give their names to provide information.