8.7.14 Dog shot by Police 1st blk. W. King St.

7 August 2014 by William Hickey

Lancaster PD Patch



On Wednesday August 6, 2014 at approximately 1612 hrs. a call was received for a loose dog in the parking lot of the Hager Arcade located at 25 W. King St. The reporting person told the dispatcher that the dog had jumped out of the back of a pickup truck parked in the lot. The caller also stated that the dog was growling at him and the caller was concerned for customer safety. 

The initial response was handled by a Civilian Service Aide (CSA). Typically CSAs handle low priority calls for service such as parking complaints, remove boots from vehicles, assist with traffic control when needed and take found/stray dogs to SPCA. 

The CSA found that the dog in question had moved to the rear of a silver SUV parked in lot. The CSA asked for an Officer to respond with a snare in order to take the dog into custody. The dog reportedly barked at the CSA and retreated into the cargo area of the SUV. The owner of the SUV was on-scene with the CSA. The SUV owner was not the owner of the dog. 

The first responding Officer arrived at approximately 1626 hrs. That Officer attempted to remove persons from around the vehicle for their safety. That Officer was met with passive and verbal resistance to his instructions to move away from the dog and the SUV. At one point one of those males intentionally placed himself between the officer and dog.  The officer handcuffed this individual in order to keep him from interfering with the officer’s efforts and for the safety of the individual. This individual was later released without charges.  At one point, the dog bit a bag an individual was carrying.  

Efforts were made to locate the owner of the pickup truck and dog. Despite those efforts, no one was able to contact or locate the owner as it was registered to an out-of-county address. 

Secondary Officers arrived with a cable-loop snare. Those Officers approached the silver vehicle and attempted to snare the dog. The dog bit at the snare and was not able to be secured. An Officer utilized an Electronic Control Device (ECD/commonly referred to as a ‘Taser’) in an effort to momentarily incapacitate the dog. The ECD did not have the intended effect and the dog ran from the rear of the SUV. The dog was no longer confined to any vehicle. The first responding Officer saw that the dog had stopped, turned and was growling at him with the hackles up on its back. Fearing that the dog might attack an Officer or person in the area, the Officer fired (2) rounds from his rifle, hitting the dog with both shots. The dog died as a result of the shots fired. 

The owner of the dog and truck returned to the scene after 1700 hrs. The owner was informed what had transpired when he was away from his truck.